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About the Program Electric vehicles are the key factor for all the smart city projects. They are energy efficient and have lower environmental impact. Automobile companies have pledged to switch to electric vehicles, "A cleaner, and sustainable alternative". We are heading towards an electric vehicle revolution. It has become a challenging task due to shortage of skilled engineers required for the transition from internal combustion Engines to Electric Vehicle. To fill this gap an intensive one-week training programme is being organized for faculty of engineering and technological institutes. Participants are invited from industries and research scholars of relevance. The objective of the STTP is to provide an exposure to the participants in the recent trends in "Electric Vehicle" through interaction with experts. The technical program will include state- of-art lectures, discussion/presentation sessions, hands on training and field visits. Topics to be covered ? EV history, architecture and battery technology ? EV infrastructure, charging and control system ? Design and simulation of EV employing PMDC motor ? Development of charger for EV charging ? Framework for electric and hybrid vehicle ? Architecture of hybrid and electric vehicle for optimal ? PFC rectifier application ? DC-DC converter technology ? EV integration to Grid ? Vehicle to Grid (V2G) and Grid to Vehicle (G2V) ? EV history and well to wheel analysis ? Inverter schemes for EV drives applications ? Motor and their suitability ? EV control systems ? Hands on Training

– 9th September, 2020

civil engineering

What about engineering workshop?

BANASHRI GHOSH – 31st May, 2022

Microbial Fuel Cell

Resp Sir/Madam, Kindly Suggest relevant workshops for better understanding of Microbial fuel cells (interdisciplinary micrbiology and electrical engineering). The broad topics include Energy harvesting , power electronic converters , nano technology.

Jimil Mehta – 13th July, 2022

Power Electronics DC-DC Converters interfacing in Power Systems Smart Grids

I want to gain some valuable insights into various Power Converters especially DC-DC converters operation and its interfacing in the modern power system. Getting some hands on experiences or live demos would be really helpful. is there any registrations open now for any KARYASHALA in the above mentioned topic ?

Arindam Das – 17th July, 2022

Science Communication and Technical Writing Training for Budding Scientists

There is a need of training budding scientists for science communication and technical writing. Is there any training program or workshop for the same..

Maan Hans – 2nd December, 2022

Emotion Based Chatbot

As an undergraduate student, I am excited to learn more about this field and contribute to developing innovative solutions. I have always been fascinated by the potential of chatbots to improve human-computer interactions, and I believe that incorporating emotion-based features can significantly enhance their usefulness. I believe an internship would provide valuable hands-on experience and mentorship. Is there any open program for the same that I can apply to?

Dushyant Singh Satyapal – 10th March, 2023